How do I change a parent's email address for parent reports?

To change the email address parent reports are sent to on Fridays, please do the following:

1. From the ClassDojo homescreen find the class the student is in and click the green "Reports" button.
2. Find the "Parents" action under "CONNECTIONS" on the left panel. Click the parents tab.
3. Find the student with the parent email you would like to change. Under their name it should say "X connected." Click there.
4. You will now see a dropdown of all the parents you have invited to see that student's reports. To remove a connection just click on the red circle in the top right corner of that connection box.
5. A warning will popup that says "Do you really want to revoke access for [email]?" Please click the red "Yes, revoke access" button.

To add the correct email address...
1. From step 5, click on the blue "+ Invite another parent" link.
2. Type the parent email address in the text box labeled "Type parent email" and then click the grey "Invite" button below!
3. An email will be sent to the parent and they will be able to create a secure parent account to view their child's report.

For more information about parent accounts, check out the ClassDojo Parent Accounts Guide: