How do I change my students' avatars?

Hi there! There are two main ways you can change your students' avatars...

A. The best way to change your students' avatars is to allow them to create their own! This will also allow them to check in on their progress from home and will boost their engagement with ClassDojo as well! To allow your students to create their own avatar, all you have to do is print out your students' secret codes and give them access to their account. To do so...

1. Find the class you want to print the student codes for on the ClassDojo homepage. Click the green "Reports" button on that class tile.

2. Click the green "Get student logins" button in the top right corner

3. Click the big "Print Invitations for Your Students" button

4. This will download a PDF with your students' secret codes. Save it to your computer, print them out, and distribute :)

B. You can also change your student's avatars from our pre-created avatar sets. To do this...

1. Find the class you want to change the avatars in on the ClassDojo homepage. Click the "Edit class" link.

2. You will land on the edit class page. Click the blue "Choose avatars >" link in the top left side of the box.

3. This will produce the avatar panel. You can choose from "Monsters" or "Critters" using the selection box at the top. Changing the avatars is as simple and dragging and dropping them to the student you want them to represent!

4. When you are finished, click the green "Save & Close" button in the bottom right corner.