Let's get this solved for you! If your sound is not playing...

First, can you check and make sure that someone hasn't accidentally turned off the sounds in the "Settings" of your class?

Open the class the sounds are not appearing in
Click the "Settings" button in the top left of the screen
Scroll down to find "Play award sounds" and make sure both boxes are checked.

If that's not the issue...

1. Can you make sure your computer is running the latest version of Adobe Flash at http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ ?

2. Can you see if you can recreate this issue when using THE LATEST VERSION of Google Chrome (this is the most powerful browser and will run our site the best)? You can download Chrome for free at www.google.com/chrome

3. Can you check and see if the sounds work from your home computer when connect to your personal internet? Sometimes schools accidentally block access to our servers and the sound wont work! If that's the case it should be a super quick fix for your IT department.

If none of these work, please let us know and we can dig deeper :)